Trip from Hawaii – Part 1 – Taking off Hawaii

My sister’s trip from Hawaii to Mtl. – Part 1. Taking off from Hawaii Honolulu International airport. 4:41 PS: Go on Google Earth and zoom in at Honolulu International Airport and you will find the location where the video where taken from.(You must have the YouTube Galery option activated)

Hawaiian Travel Tips – 5 Most Important

Whether you are going on a family vacation, a spring break vacation with college friends, or even your honeymoon, Hawaii is a great place to visit at any time of year. While Hawaii is a great travel destination, you may want to know a bit about this place before you land. The following are some …

Hawaiian Airlines – Seattle to Honolulu landing

This footage taken from seat 34A in a Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (Tail # N589HA) coming from Seattle and landing in Honolulu on runway 8L. It was a rough landing as the footage will demonstrate.


Hawaiian Airlines Special Pineapple/Guava Surprise flight from Honolulu to F’aaa Tahiti on Route to Aukland, New Zealand Land of the Long White Cloud Aetoroa with Touring Hula Indigenous dance group . Hawaiian Airlines main course today will be Big Mac….adamia nut garnished Chicken with Guave glaze Taro and Rice Pilaf or Roasted Pork with Mango …

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