DOLPHIN Bubble Rings & Sonar – Swimming with Free Dolphins

April 17th, 2010 Dolphins are amazing, they treat people with great love and generosity. As you watch this video, feel the joy, love and exuberance these animals awaken in us. Some say sharing love and joy is what we’re here for, and the dolphins are ever so happy to remind us. I lead 5 day trips to HAWAII + the BAHAMAS for groups and families to swim with free dolphins, in the open water, where they’re free to come and go as they please. Dolphins are so playful; they blow bubbles, rings, play with seaweed, scan you with sonar and look deep into your eyes. Swimming with them is a magical experience. It changed my life and it will change yours… Namaste! Joe Noonan Planetary Partners http

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10 Responses to “DOLPHIN Bubble Rings & Sonar – Swimming with Free Dolphins”

  1. MrValhalaodin Says:

    Very Beautiful video swmming with dolphins. Hugs

  2. Lyaka999 Says:

    wonderful they are so sensible
    thanks here it’s Paradise 🙂

  3. 20atlas20 Says:

    i remember the first time i saw a dolphin i was standing on the leas and gazing out across the channel and a dolphin leaped out. for a few moments i thought i was seeing things but it was true a dolphin had come to play 😀
    but then stupid people came and started grabbing her holding her by her airhole so their kids could climb on her back. i never felt such rage at people before. she got led away by a crew that had her best interests at heart and sadly we dont see her anymore. but it was sweet

  4. celebrating108 Says:

    @limegreendarlene Most of the sounds are from my snorkel… i can’t help but chant and sing and croon to them! 🙂

  5. FreedomForOrcas Says:

    What beautiful dolphins! Nice to see them lovely and free 🙂

  6. patriciabuitrago Says:

    Graciasssssss !!!
    Es un hermoso regalo !

    Thaaaaaaanks is a beautiful gift

    Love and gratitude !

  7. patriciabuitrago Says:

    Graciasssssss !!!
    Es un hermoso regalo !

    Thaaaaaaanks is a beautiful gift

    Love and gratitude !

  8. celebrating108 Says:

    @WorldCapitalBeats I share the vision of you joining us someday – sooner than later! 😉

  9. limegreendarlene Says:

    That must be so incredible swimming with free dolphins. I love all the sounds ! ! ! So glad we became friends :))

  10. WorldCapitalBeats Says:

    this is awesome, you got the best job in the world! i hope to get a chance to do this some day, but if not in this life then in the next, Allah willing

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