Boarding Plane going to Hawaii, USA

July 20th, 2010

Here’s a video of me and my Mom looking for our seats inside the Continental Micronesia flight from Guam going to Hawaii, USA. This was a pretty big airplane! hehe. Agana, Guam USA Nov. 9, 2008

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10 Responses to “Boarding Plane going to Hawaii, USA”

  1. 29buttons Says:

    thank you for the advise, i have flown a few times before but i don’t like it, nothing bad has ever happened and my mum knows how scared i am but she just says ‘you’ll be fine’ and it doesn’t settle my mind
    but thanks
    carly (29buttons) x

  2. nhoj0604 Says:

    just stay in ur seat and pray!!uy might crash!joking!!

  3. demarcjw Says:

    Hi there 29buttons!there’s nothing really to be afraid of flying, once you sit inside you’ll feel a lot more comfortable.I advise you do not sit next to a window, to lessen any fright you may have.They normally have tv or radio inside so you can listen and do your stuff so you won’t think too much of your flying fright. You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy flying after your first flight. =)

  4. agaragarlove Says:

    I have been on a plane more than like 50 times XD. but everytime I step in a plane, I feel like “omg this plane seems old I might die” and I get scared. is there any tips to calm me down? I know you wrote a reply back to someone a mouth ago, but I think it didnt work plss

  5. demarcjw Says:

    hi there 29buttons!

  6. demarcjw Says:

    you’re welcome! =)

  7. 29buttons Says:

    i am 13 and i am really scared of flying
    i am going to croatia from the uk on the 29th of this month
    any tips to calm me down?
    it’s getting worse and it’s my worse fear please some one help

  8. demarcjw Says:

    continental micronesia flies mostly to the islands of the Pacific, from Guam and all islands along the way going to Hawaii. Continental International Airlines has worldwide destinations.

  9. mutizen99 Says:

    hi kuya anuh po ba pinagkaiba ng continental international airlines at continental microasia??

  10. MikeDegen8 Says:

    air travel is the safest form af travel. you had a higher risk of dying in a car accident going to the airport. there are thousands of planes in the sky every day. tens of thousands. and how many do you hear crash every year? about 2 most of the time no one is killed either. so your extremely safe flying

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