Where can I find cheep prices on Air line tickets to Russia?

September 18th, 2010

We are willing to fly on LOT or Aeroflot etc. where can we price tickets on these USA for these air lines? Any ideas?
Thanks Sarah, I have found cash works well. I have been their twice before, but lost contact information to the travel broker I used for tickets then.

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4 Responses to “Where can I find cheep prices on Air line tickets to Russia?”

  1. Tonya in TX - Duck Says:

    I don’t fly very often, and have never flown out of country, but did you check cheaptickets.com? I’m not sure if they fly international or not. You might also try travelocity.com

  2. Palmisan Says:

    Try http://www.cheapoair.com/ , here you can get some good deals on airline tickets. or try http://www.tripmama.com/ , here you can compare the ticket prices offerred by various travel deals. Good Luck.


  3. pjtraveldeals Says:


  4. Sarah Says:

    Make sure u bring plenty of vodka to bribe the moscow police with, probably wouldn’t hurt to get a basic understanding of Russian as well. They love it when Americans speak their language.

    Russia is not like Europe, Russians are more monolingual than most of Europe. So you might have a hard time finding someone who speaks English. I recommend Pimsleur Russian.

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